Value of Grandmothers

Nana.  Mimsy.  Gram. 

Regardless of what you say, or what language you speak, these words (and so many more) translate into “Grandmother” – the mother of one’s parent.

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As Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, we acknowledge how special it is to have grandmothers in our lives. From one who slips you an extra cookie when no one’s looking, to one who gives you “big girl” advice when you are 40, grandmothers have always been some of the most influential people in our lives.

Here is a sweet poem to help us honor and remember the loving grandmothers who have touched our lives.

“Grandma, I Love The Way You Love” by Cynthia Jerdon


I remember back to when I was about three,

when you gently placed me upon your bended knee.

You placed your arms around me,

And I could plainly see,

That all the love in your heart was there just for me.


When I was grown, I brought my children to Grandma’s home.

My son, who was about three, you placed him gently upon your knee.

It brought back memories of you and me.


Now looking back, I think I have the key,

The hidden secret to your longevity.


It is your kindness, your spirit, your love.

Which is that great gift sent from above.


It’s a love without measure or degree

It’s a love that will last for eternity.


The things that I will remember,

Is your love for each – family member


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